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Avalon II Slot’ Review

Full name of new Avalon is Avalon II – The Quest For The Grail. New Avalon differs from old Avalon not only graphics. Theme of two slots is the Celtic Mythology and Arthurian Legends.

Avalon II Slot offers a set with eight bonus games where it is possible to increase the prize considerably. Moreover, game has 243 ways to win instead of lines. Also there is an trailing wild symbol in one of the bonus game.

Grail Bonus of Avalon II

Grail Bonus is a 8 different bonus game which will become more active consistently one by one. Start is the symbols of The Grail. Receive three, four or five to triggers the bonus. All bonus games of Avalon II is a journey through the Kingdom to retrieve the Grail and return it to Avalon:

  1. Lacky of Legend is a dice. Roll the dice to win multiplier from 1x up to 6x. Each side of a dice is a fragment of legendary sword Excalibur. The purpose of game is to collect a sword. If you reforge the Excalibur in 10 dice rolls you will have an additional 15x total bet.
  2. Misty Vale give you 15 free spins with extra wild symbol, which doubles all your wins during bonus game.
  3. Whispering Woods is a bonus game on the second screen, where you will choose from 5 shields of the Mystical White Knight. Bonus win will be multiplied by total bet.
  4. Forest Falls give you 20 free spins and Trailing WildsTM.
  5. Dusky Moors is a bonus off the reels too. Match 2 of the same helms to win 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x or 8x multiplier.
  6. Morgan’s Keep is a free spins bonus game. Your prize are: 20 free spins, a rolling reels and one of the 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x multiplier value.
  7. Hall of Shadows will be played on the second screen. In game you must defeat the Black Knight to recover The Grail. Each success of strike will award a bonus prize.
  8. Isle of Avalon is a wheel fortune style bonus game. It is named as Wheel of Avalon and it has three wheel. Each of them give you bonus prize.

special symbols

Merlin is a wizard of Kingdom. And he award a random cash prize or multiplier during play. Lady of The Lake is a expanding wild symbol which appears on 3rd reel to award additional prize. Logo Avalon II is a wild symbol. The Grail is a bonus symbol.

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